Peach & Prosecco Lollies

Can you believe that I had never tried Prosecco until my friend bought me a bottle for my 21st birthday?!

Since then I have decided that every occasion, no matter how small definitely deserves a tipple. I swear I’m only a little bit addicted… (Everything in moderation eh!)

I’ve loved experimenting with pimping my Prosecco, adding elderflower is another love of mine!


For this blog post I thought I’d show how easy it is to make peach Prosecco lollies – they are floral and fragrant, subtly sweet and a little tangy! Find the recipe below.

I’ve been so thankful that we’ve had a few days of sun lately, so these are the perfect lolly to enjoy in the garden as the sun is setting.


I love the pretty peach colour of them, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you won’t have experienced my full edible flower obsession (lucky you). How beautiful do these look?!

Here’s what you’ll need: Makes 6 lollies

4 white peaches (I prefer white fleshed peaches to yellow ones. Yellow have a more tart, slightly stronger taste, whereas white peaches are much more sweet and fragrant. Generally flat peaches have white flesh.)

1tsp sugar

1tbsp lemon juice

225ml prosecco (37ml per lolly depending on the size of your moulds)

lolly moulds

food processor/blender optional

How to make them:

Remove the peach flesh from the stones and either place into a small bowl and thoroughly mash to a puree, or blitz in a blender.

Add the sugar and lemon juice and puree again.

Put the mixture into a large jug and slowly pour in the Prosecco whilst gently stirring the puree into the Prosecco.

Pour into your chosen moulds, and don’t forget the lolly sticks! Freeze for at least 5 hours or overnight.



Millie xxx



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