What have I been up to…

Lots has been going on at Millie’s Kitchen HQ (can I call it that?!) and its all very exciting stuff, so I thought I’d give anyone that’s interested a little peek.

This coming autumn, an amazing new magazine will be making its way into the world, and I’ve had the pleasure of writing and creating some yummy recipes for it.

Meet Clarity – a unique magazine for young women who want to explore, deepen or initiate a trust in God.

‘Too many young women are unaware of the truth. The truth about their identity, ability and future.It’s time for clarity…’ – Clarity Magazine

There will be so many relevant articles helping us to walk in the footsteps steps of Jesus, but it will also be packed full of fun pages that a talented group of writers and designers have created! – Please don’t shy away if you are not a Christian, there is too much good stuff to miss!

Clarity New Logo

I really urge you all to follow it and subscribe on any social media you can (I’ll leave them all below).

Tell your friends about it, tell your church and youth leaders about it… tell your grandma about it! By following its progress you will be able to find out when you can grab your own copy, or when you can get your churches to order lots of copies ;). Ultimately please pray for us!

We really believe that the content in this magazine will challenge us, help us share God with our friends, and become such a breath of fresh air in the magazine industry by really discussing what is important in our lives.

Time for the sneak peek I promised you! If you get your hands on a copy, one of my recipes – the Hazelnut Praline Cinnamon Buns recipe – will be featured and you don’t want to miss out! The totally unique twist on these buns is the perfect accompaniment to a hot chocolate and a warm fire… Mmm bring on autumn!


   Thanks so much for reading – I hope you are as excited as I am!

Millie xxx

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